Creating happy customers is what we do!

There is nothing we appreciate more then great people, great service, and someone who does what they say they will do and that is what we found with Sheldon and BTB Trailer Rentals and Hauling!!!! Lake of the Woods to Calgary with a couple of our prized possessions!!! Thanks Sheldon. We appreciate it. Lyle Bauer

Beaumont purchased by a repeat client

Beaumont purchased by a repeat client. Headed to Calgary from Morris, MB. Call BTB Rentals & Hauling for specialized vehicle transport. “Delivering dreams” Call 1-204-227-6745 or contact us today!

Brand New Stealth Trailer

Brand new Stealth car hauler featuring an escape door. Thanks Stealth for the cool blackout package! Available as a rental. Call us at 1-204-227-6745 or contact us today!

Trailers can be custom ordered

Trailers can be custom ordered. This 2020 Stealth was picked up today. Nice working with you Buddy on this build! Enjoy your new trailer!